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Allty Mini +Seemee 20 Combo Set USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light

ALLTY mini is the new USB rechargeable bicycle light, dedicated for urban cyclists and commuters.

The ALLTY mini utilizes its CREE XP-G2 LED to produce a max output of 300 lumens. It does its job by providing plenty of visibility for both the rider and near-by traffic participants. Conveniently USB rechargeable, easy mounting silicone strap to your handlebar, sizes 22-35mm.

An easy to read battery gauge is built in the power button and much larger silicone padding is there for secure mounting.

ALLTY mini is pocked sized, lightweight, waterproof.

Take your riding experience to the next level with our SeeMee 20, a super small, sleek and lightweight bike rear light and blinker light, ideal for road and urban cyclists. . Grab the SeeMee 20 effective bike tail light to have a safe and fun ride even in dark places or bad weather conditions.

Our SeeMee 20 tail light with 1 constant mode, 3 brightness modes, and 2 flash modes adds safety and increases visibility to others. Made from high-quality material, this tail light is highly durable and will last a life time

Our bicycle tail light will increase safety when riding on the busy roads with 20 lumens that will allow you to be seen from a long distance. The 180-degree lighting visibility of our light gives you all-around protection and the USB rechargeable battery makes sure you enjoy your cruise for a long time.

Now, you can take your cycle in the rainy weather without any second thoughts, as our tail light is completely waterproof. The IPX5 water resistance rating protects against the water entering into the light. Enjoy your ride even in a rainy climate by installing this powerful tail light!

Our SeeMee 20 tail light can be easily mounted under the saddle or on the seat post. The durable silicone ring makes it suitable for all models of cycles.

MAGICSHINE Light Set - Allty Mini 300 & SeeMee 20 Combo.

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